One of the unknowns of outsourcing or acquisitions, that even the best due diligence process can not identify, is the quality and fit of the new management team about to be transferred.

The METIS App competency framework has been successfully used to assess management competence in such circumstances by using a generic competency framework utilising management best practice.

With METIS now launched in an App format, it enables a speedy and efficient means of contributing meaningful knowledge to the due diligence process on the management competence of the incumbent management team and so aid the future design and planning for a combined management team after their transfer.

By using METIS a more precise plan and cost estimate for management development can be included within the due diligence process.

Clearly undertaking such an assessment of the incumbent management team pre transfer, or shortly after, may make some of these new colleagues nervous. METIS’s outputs include development planning suggestions and by openly communicating this positive use of METIS you will be able to reduce any concerns raised. Further reassurance could be provided by positioning any exercise as part of an overarching talent and succession process to help with the early identification of management potential for the parent organisation. Assessing both transferring and existing managers together might also be a consideration in aiding the formation of an integrated management team.

Whilst an open process is advisable, METIS could be used confidentially by senior management and HR to support management restructuring planning in an objective manner and subsequently be used to aid future communication and consultation processes.

Transitioning newly acquired organisations can be problematic and it is vital that in particular the senior management team from the new organisation are on-boarded and integrated as quickly as possible. As senior management development can often be overlooked, then with good communication , planning and the use of METIS to demonstrate objectivity and consistency, an improved management development programme can be quickly costed, designed and promoted through the transition projects communications process as a ‘positive’ of joining the new organisation.

METIS uses a competency framework consisting of a 5 tier management structure and against a range of 27 competencies, each having between 4-6 levels described in simple to understand language. This generic framework, ease of communication via email, and simple to understand outputs make it an ideal tool for both national and international management assessments.

For a limited period download METIS free at or from the Apple Store