For HR and L&D professionals operating in SME’s it can be difficult to get the support and resources that are required for the multitude of activities needing to be carried out and supported.

The METIS App is a Management Competency Assessment tool which is flexible so that it can be used to support a wide range of people related activities, such ; Personal development; Team design and development; Improving engagement and retention; Recruitment decisions; Organisational design; Reward decision justification; Training and development budget justification support: Provide managers with ideas on coaching methods; and much more.

METIS assesses management competence at 5 organisational levels, against a proven framework of 27 competencies, each having between 4-6 levels described in simple to understand language. The App compares the assessment against the selected current management level and also the next level being worked towards do aiding succession planning.

METIS highlights competencies which need development and enables the selection of competencies that might be included within a personal development plan. Also provided are generic coaching notes written by highly experienced Human Resources and Learning & Development consultants, providing common sense ideas on how competence might be developed.

The outputs of the assessment can be stored; shared by email; and printed in summary on a spiderweb diagram to aid development discussion with others and hard copy storage. The assessments can either be undertaken by the managers themselves or by another more senior manager, in either scenario feedback and development discussions are advisable.

METIS is a flexible tool whose outputs can also provide additional information to aid other management decisions such as on promotion; succession planning; reorganisations; recruitment; etc.

The competency framework has been developed by experienced HR Consultants working for some of the most successful UK and International organisations and as such can be relied upon to give you the best practice support you need.

Using the METIS App to assess all your management team you will be able to operate with confidence at the senior levels of your organisation, adding real value contributions to the strategic decision making process and senior talent management.

Download at the Apple Store for your free copy of the METIS App and for further information.