The METIS App is a simple but effective management competency assessment tool which is currently FREE, that assesses managers of all levels against a framework of 27 competencies, then compares the assessment against the standards sought for both their current and future management levels.

As such in addition to helping individuals to plan their personal development, or for managers to assess their team members, it can also be used by Recruitment Consultants – how ?

Well firstly clients often struggle to know exactly what they are seeking so to begin with by using the App with your client you can not only determine the key competencies sought but by undertaking a theoretical assessment of the perfect candidate also determine the standard sought for each of these competences, which then gives you a comparator against your candidates assessment.

Obviously using the Metis App is a means of adding objectivity to the the selection process by giving both yourself and your client an objective basis for selection decisions.

Upon completion of the selection process the successful candidate and their new manager can use the development outputs from the Metis App for the first years personal development plan. A PDP from day one would be a great introduction to their new role and organisation for the new colleague.

In addition you as the Recruitment Consultant will have objective information in terms of the Metis App outputs to be able discuss with your unsuccessful candidates and be able to discuss the areas the candidate might wish to develop to improve their chances of selection for future roles. It’s never easy giving such feedback but with the Metis App you now have a tool to make this a simpler and more productive process, whilst building up your knowledge of your candidate database for future role consideration.

Although hopefully rare, the Metis App will also provide objective evidence to defend any claims of discrimination or unfairness against you or your clients. It will also aid any internal or external quality audit processes or standards compliance that your organisation must achieve and in doing so aid new business prospects when new projects are awarded or recruitment partners sought by organisations, particularly in the public and NPO sectors.

For further information and to download the App for FREE visit the Apple Store.

To discuss the possibility of ‘white labelling’ the Metis App for your organisation email