One of the major challenges when transitioning a management career from one sector to another can be trying to overcome the perceptions of the new employer. One such perception that may need to be overcome, is an employers belief that their sector is unique and that their type of management is also similarly unique. Equally they may also have incorrect perceptions about the applicants sector and the management style and capability within that sector, e.g., a perceived lack of commercialism or financial acumen from those managing within the armed services, that public sector management faces fewer financial pressures, etc.

To overcome such inaccurate perceptions, common ground should be sought by the applicant to align themselves and their management competence with the prospective employers management approach. This should be achieved quickly before the recruiter moves their mindset from openness, seeking reasons to recruit the individual, to seeking excuses not to !

This is where the new METIS App can help.

The METIS App can be used to support job applications by simply using the competencies mentioned in the job description plus any additional organisation information such as off the web, e.g., it’s cultural objectives, its change agenda, etc, the candidate then assesses themselves against these competencies using the Metis App.

One of the outputs from the Metis App is an assessment summary in the form of a visually eye catching ‘spiderweb diagram’, which is a dynamic and speedy way of demonstrating relevant competency comparability for the role in question and added to a well crafted CV will help get the attention sought.

For some candidates feedback by an outplacement consultant might be helpful both in selecting the relevant competences from the Metis App range of 27, and to ensure that an accurate and objective assessment is made which will subsequently stand up in an interview situation if challenged.

The METIS App is currently FREE at or by downloading directly from the Apple Store for use on iPads

The METIS App uses a competency framework consisting of a 5 tier management structure and against a range of 27 competencies, each having between 4-6 levels described in simple to understand language.

The assessment provides a comparison against the selected current management level and also the next level being worked towards.

Development support is provided through suggested actions; directed reading; and Youtube business videos.