This may come as a shock to those of you out there in larger organisations with the benefits of a clearly defined culture with aligned management development programmes, but there are many businesses and organisations who exist without such clarity, instead opting to recruit-in the skills and competencies they need, as and when required. The result is a management team that behave differently, often based more on their previous organisations culture than their current one. To compound this, organisations who grow through acquisition or outsourcing also have the acquired organisations culture (or a similar mix of multiple cultures) thrown into the mix.

The consequences should not come as a surprise and these can be that over time the management team becomes a diverse mix of behaviours, beliefs, methods, priorities and micro-cultures, often leading to strategic misalignment or even conflict. As this can be the case at the leadership and management levels, then so to does it also ripple down the organisation, resulting in different micro cultures such as varying approaches and behaviours between Sales and Buying functions for example, or between different offices/locations, all leading to ‘organisational friction’.

To correct this is quite a task and needs both in depth HR skill, broad business experience, time, resources and most importantly senior leadership commitment. These are not always fully available and as such an ‘off the shelf’ solution might be the quicker option than to live with a cultural ‘mashup’ or to launch a major cultural change programme.

This is where the METIS App can be of use. By utilising its existing competency framework you can define the key competencies relevant to your organisation and that need to be adopted across the operation. It can then be used to assess all managers against the selected competencies and from this identify the priorities for a targeted management development programme. In doing so it will help to avoid wasting limited budgets on the ‘sheep dip’ management development approach which often misses the target for what development is the most critical.

To ensure cultural alignment of new managers from the outset, the management recruitment strategy can also be modified to reflect the new management competencies by seeking evidence of them in the selection process as well as the specific technical or professional skills sought for the role. Likewise management induction programmes can be developed using the competency framework or modified where one already exists.

The competency framework that the METIS App uses has been successfully used to assess management competence in such circumstances by using its generic competency framework utilising management competency best practice from a range of business sectors.

METIS uses a competency framework consisting of a 5 tier management structure and against a range of 27 competencies, each having between 4-6 levels described in simple to understand language. This generic framework, ease of communication via email, and simple to understand outputs, make it an ideal tool for both localised and dispersed management teams, including those at international locations

There is no quick solution to cultural change but whether you are a senior manger; HR Professional or Consultant, by using the METIS App you can certainly jump start the process. For a limited period download METIS for iPad’s free direct from the Apple Store.