Metis – helping manage careers

Metis enables the Competency Assessment of managers within a 5 band structure,
against a framework of 27 generic competencies

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About Metis

Metis has evolved as a process over a period of 15 years by observing best-practice in management assessment and development from blue-chip organisations across many different sectors. In its design Metis has been developed in a practical and pragmatic way so that it can be used to help organisations of any type and size.

Metis is also adaptable for organisations and individuals who are based at remote locations or spanning multiple sites or geographic regions. With its design being conscious of budget constraints, Metis removes any restrictions to management assessment and subsequent competency development. Its chief objective is to be able to give practical coaching and development to all levels of the management population irrespective of location; business type; management level; and available resources.

Helping Managers to Develop Themselves and Their Team

Metis provides managers of all levels with a tool that helps them to undertake the challenging process of assessing other managers and the need to provide coaching feedback to these managers.

This is provided through targeted suggestions for coaching points and through links to suggested reading via Amazon books, and bite-sized management seminars on YouTube.

As well as being used by managers it can also be used by individuals for self assessment in order to help plan future career moves.

Consistent Management Evaluation Across Teams

Through its generic, best practice, competency framework design, and its ability to be shared globally via email, Metis brings consistency in terms of expectations, standards and a common management culture to teams no matter how diverse they are culturally or geographically.

A Digital Assessment Tool Anybody Can Use

Metis helps to ensure that those colleagues working remotely or perhaps on extended leave such as due to maternity/paternity leave, can still be part of the annual management development and succession planning process, with a personal development plan available for discussion from day 1 of their return.

Spider diagrams display the assessment against both the current standard and desired future state.

Metis includes the ability to store a team’s assessments and share via email.

Utilise management development best practice with a tool costing a few pounds, rather than a few thousands.

About the creator of Metis

Metis was created over a period of 15 years by Roy Mark, who whilst working as an HR Professional in organisations which Roy describes as, "short on resources for management development but desperately in need of it", identified the competencies and the practical management knowledge commonly sought. Roy identified that in the majority of situations these competencies were often a consistent need irrespective of the sector that the organisation operated within.

Roy has worked with over 30 different organisations, both UK and international, and in the private, public and charitable sectors, as well as spending several years as a Senior HR Change Consultant for his own company. It was from this breadth and diversity of experience that he identified the need for a readily available and cost effective tool to aid management development through competency assessment and by also aiding the management feedback process. From his own projects and by associating with some of the best HR and Learning and Development experts in the UK, Roy has evolved Metis from a simple idea on a spreadsheet to its current format.

Whilst Metis works well in all types of organisations, Roy believes its most beneficial use will be in small to medium operations where time, coaching capability and resources are often insufficient, he says, "large organisations with equally large budgets can afford to hire consultants to develop bespoke competency frameworks and management assessment processes, and if these resources are available that would be the optimum solution. However my experience is that in most organisations such resources are not always available or the organisations centralised solutions do not fulfil the regional need. Consequently Metis is an option to consider to help fill those gaps."

Roy has over 30 years Human Resource Management experience and has been a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (FCIPD) since 2002.